biologist scanning birdsMy fields work takes me to very remote areas in Alaska. For the most part, my field sites are wild lands. I am lucky to see such wide expanses of native vegetation intact. However, I feel like there is shadow hanging over me, because I am usually conducting the baseline wildlife census before “development” takes place.  A nesting site for a swan I find one year may be covered with 10 feet of gravel the next year.  A once unbroken horizon will be littered with powerlines, roads, and construction debris.  I think of these losses while I am pumping gasoline into my car. Is it possible to extracted resources, and retain wild spaces I need to recreate, recharge my soul, and keep my planet health.  The math is just not adding up to a positive answer. This blog is about delaying that train wreck fueled by worlds increasing consumption of energy and “stuff”.