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Randy Lewis, LCSW

Providing counseling for individuals, families, youth,
adults & couples.

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How do you measure your over all mental wellbeing? Hands juggling 7 elements of wellbeingIt is more complicated than asking yourself if you feel happy, because as we all know happiness can come and go in a moment. Wellbeing gauges your ability to function well at work, school, and home; in addition to having the good emotions out way negative emotions. The “checklist” for wellbeing includes your sense of individual vitality, feelings of safety and security, having positive relationship with others, feeling part of the community, the status of your inner resources that allow you to cope when things go wrong and be resilient to changes beyond your immediate control.

If your goal is to improving your sense of wellbeing, I offer cognitive-behavior therapy. What is cognitive-behavior therapy? It is a type of talk therapy that combine cognitive therapy, which involves examining how thoughts affect emotions, with behavioral therapy, which involves changing a person’s reactions to challenging situations. My job is to help you recognize the automatic thoughts or core beliefs that contribute to negative emotions. Second I will help you see that some of these thoughts and beliefs don’t make sense in your current situation. However, the therapist can only guide the person, to improve a person has to take an active role in making these changes for the therapy to be successful.

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If I am not mentally ill, why would I need therapy/counseling?

Many of us encounter struggles in our lives and react in ways that are not necessarily effective or in our best interest. In those stressful situations, it is not uncommon to have thoughts, harbor feelings or act in ways that damage relationships, work, or other areas of our lives. When people need to repair those damages, or make personal changes, counseling/therapy can help.

I provide counseling for individuals and families, youth, adults and couples with Cognitive/Behavioral Therapy (CBT). The cognitive component of therapy addresses the way thoughts can be automatic and self-defeating. Self-defeating thoughts influence feelings. Thoughts, feelings and behavior form a triad that impact each other. The behavioral component of therapy addresses the ways individuals react to difficult situations so they aren’t self-defeating as well.

Getting Started

The fidoor in sessionrst step is to contact me for a free ~20-minute phone consultation to see if my services are a good match to the problems you wish to address.  Then we proceed to an Intake appointment. The Intake is conducted over 2 hours and at end of this session we will have developed a therapy plan.  The following therapy sessions are 50 minutes in length, typically once a week, and less frequent as we progress. To fit your work schedule. I offer both day-time and evening appointment hours, Monday -Friday.

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Phone:  907-457-1128